London: Week 1
I’ve been in London for about two weeks now and I’ve finally gathered together some extra fancy iPhone photos to give you guys a little taste of what I’ve been up to!
The first week here was EXTREMELY hot, like, clear in the high 80s-90s hot; so while I enjoyed roaming around all day and night, I’d be lying if I said that the heat and humidity didn’t affect me at least a little bit.
But I can’t complain too much because it’s truly absolutely beautiful here! During our first week here we were busy doing things like having class and tea in the park, roaming around Camden Market (where I mastered the art of bartering in order to obtain the most fabulous pair of earrings), and hopping on the most touristy bus tour ever around the city to see London’s most famous landmarks.
And, to my surprise, it’s been exceptionally easy to navigate and integrate into the city. I think it’s cause the tube system and the buses here are amazing and essentially fool-proof for us tourists.

My second week update will be coming soon.

- Arianna

Most of my summer thus far has been spent in my house, hanging out with my dog and (slightly evil) bird, watching too many movies, perfecting my daily cup of coffee, and waiting until I leave for London. That’s what happens when you’re temporarily unemployed and all of your friends have full-time jobs.


I did do things this past week, though — look:


I had crème brûlée at one of my absolute favorite restaurants; though I probably should have taken a picture before I began destroying it.

Me and my girls after dinner (what is my hair doing?!). This is what Alaska looks like at 9 o’clock at night.


Us right before the fireworks went off at my town’s annual 4th of July celebration. Once again, this is what Alaska looks like at like 11:50-something pm.



Not going to lie, I have really been enjoying the freedom to be able to sit back and relax and do almost nothing for a month straight. Especially since the last few months of school was cray cray.

Alas, now that there are only 4 days left until my trip (and I have yet to begin packing), I really need to get to doing stuff.

Over and out — I’ll see you guys in London!

- Arianna


So now that summer is officially upon us and I’m back home in Alaska, I’m really realizing just how much I’m missing Seattle!

Since Thursday was our last night together, my friends and I went to Pier 56 for an ultra-fancy dinner (ie Red Robin) to celebrate the end of the year and to have an excuse to take a ton of unnecessary selifes.

(I found my mini-me — check out our matching fros!)

It was really the perfect way to end off the year. Even though I’m excited to get back (and it’s only been 2 days since I left), I’m happy to be home and to see my family, dog, and our beautiful new cockatiel (whom my dog is extremely on jealous towards).

Hopefully your summer is going well so far — I’ll keep you updated on my Alaskan adventures before I head off to London!

- Arianna

London Calling

Well, chaps, it’s official. I’m studying abroad in London this summer. 


Okay, it’s been official for a while now, but we JUST got a draft of what we’ll be doing over the period of our three week trip and it’s awesome. The professor of the class, Mary-Antionette Smith, is literally the most ethereal, uplifting, inspiring, (what other adjectives could I use to describe her?!) person that I have ever met. I swear, within the first 15 minutes of every class all of us girls (the class is literally all girls, so cool) are just awe-struck. Like just have to sit-there-silently-and-bask-in-her-wonder awe-struck. 

Anyways, she’s a sweetheart and gave us these folders filled with things that we need for our trip; maps of the city and transit lines, a reading packet, an oyster card (filled with funds to swipe at the tube when we arrive), and a journal and pen. 


(All of this stuff to help me look extra touristy when I’m abroad!) 

Despite this technically not being a class that counts towards my major (but I’m counting it as an elective credit), I’m so happy that I took the plunge to sign up for it. I would definitely recommend short-term study abroad trips for any and all students; simply because not only does it give you the opportunity to travel to an interesting country, but it’s so nice to take a class with students that are just as excited and passionate about the trip as you are. Not only that, but if you’re extra clever, you can convince your parents to let you extend your trip abroad after your class so you can be mega-adventurous ;). 


P.S. I thought I’d share with you what song I’m currently obsessed with: 

Long time no see!

School’s been keeping my busy, but here’s what I’ve been up to lately!

My bestie from back home came to visit this past week (and she found my blog — AHH what a creeper!) and I took her and her boyfriend all over the city over the course of four days. They’re true small-town folk, but I think I was succeeded in showing them Seattle’s charm. 

Other than that, things are slowly winding down here on campus. We’re only, what, three weeks out to summer break? I’m not ready to go but I’ll be studying abroad in London this summer so I doubt that I’ll be too sad to end the year. 

Today was Admission’s last large event of the year. (Try not to stare too much at all the stud-muffins above.) The second Admitted Student Open House was a huge success, and I commend everyone for being able to make it through the incredibly loooong, but exciting, day! Especially the prospective students; you guys are troopers. For real. 

Although I’m glad our job around recruiting new students is done for the year, I’d be lying if I said that I won’t miss crazy days like these. In some bizarre way, I really looked forward to waking up at the crack of dawn and getting hopped up on coffee and bagels before starting our 7-8 hour days of conversing and touring.

I loved seeing all the new faces this year. Just think, many of them will be walking around campus as actual SU students in just a few short months. Until then, us at the office are back to our usual tour schedules. The utter calmness of things will probably be scary for my first few shifts…

Side note: we’ve also started the hiring process for new tour guides for next year. Since I’m not a senior, I won’t be helping with the applications but I’m still ultra excited to see new faces in the office next year.

This year has gone by so quickly: I’m going to be a junior next year!#%$?! I have to actually start thinking of doing things. Like internships. And declaring a major. And graduating.



Spring Awakening

As some of you may already know, we at Seattle U are currently on our Break of Spring (Spring Break) and it’s been BEAUTIFUL in Seattle. No joke, these past few days have been gorgeous. So despite working the majority of it, it was definitely worth it because we at the Admissions Office got to show hundreds of prospective/admitted students around campus while the sun was shining and the weather was perfect (making tours that much more fun). 


By far, my favorite part of Spring is the blooming of the cherry blossom trees on campus. I swear, the climate of the school just evolves once the flowers begin to sprout. Since I’m from Alaska, I had actually never laid eyes on a cherry blossom prior to last year. The first time I saw them bloom, they instantly became my favorite tree. There are a handful planted around our campus, and I’ve spotted a few around Capitol Hill recently. So if you ever come visit the area around mid-March/April time, make sure to keep an eye out for them! 

Till next time.

- Arianna


Okay, so that’s just about all the German that I know, but welcome to my blog! I’m the baby of the bunch of the other Seattle U Student blogs. If you’re here I’m guessing you’re interested in Seattle University (can’t blame you) and I’m here to provide my own personal perspective on my life thus far in the beautiful city of Seattle as a current SU student. Expect lots of instagram pictures, updates on my misadventures around Seattle, and gifs (because they’re the only way I know how to express my emotions on the interwebs). 

Hope you enjoy — I’ll try my best to update weekly! And while you’re here, make sure to check out the other SU student’s blogs as well; they’re all insanely awesome. 

Tschüß! (Heyo, more German. Don’t worry, that’s honestly all I remember from high school.) 

- Arianna